Sunday, May 17, 2009

Men who talk way to much!

Ok so i went out last night with a few of my old highschool classmates to celebrate my mini babyshower.. i know, i know very different from the norm... but i dont like doing what others do.

so anyway im standing at the bar trying to get the rounds for everyone else started, when i see this Lame eyeballing me. Now mind you im 8 and a half months pregnant, and yes it may seem strange that a pregnant woman is in a bar but im not a drink non the less, so the guy waits till my friend who was standing at the bar with me leaves to approach me. i knew it was coming.
He walks over, leans in and says " i just wanted to tell you that you have beautiful eyes " so i took a tiny step back cause he was so close and he tells me "dont be scared"
and me being the tough lil cookie that i am i say " believe me im not " lol
and he walks off. My friend comes back and ask's me "what happened?" so i fill her in and we share a good laugh about the whole thing and take the drinks to the table.

now my thing is why do guys feel the need to have to flirt with a woman with a child or that is pregnant?
like if its nice and not over the top then ok u may make that womans day. but its very uncomfortable and it bothers most of us. some of you men have to learn to keep certain comments to yourself!.

with Love ViXeN.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

For the lonely mind.. and the single young mom

It seems as thought the older we get the harder it is to bounce back from certain things that break our hearts, our spirits and even our bones.

Being lonely in New york used to feel bad to me because everywhere i went ppl were traveling in couples. its even harder when ur a single mom raising a 6 year old with another one on the way. why do we feel that we need another person to complete us? is this the concept that society has thrown in our faces and we have been made to adapt to?

I've got stories to tell and to share with anyone who needs a reminder that good and bad things can happen to anyone at any age. at 25 I've been through hell and back ( but you'll learn more about that as you follow me )

due to the economic state i lost my job one month after i got my apt, tell me that shit doesn't suck!. and its not that easy to get a job when your 8 months pregnant.
my ex, well ill fill you in slowly about him, but needless to say he's just a lost soul so it says a lot about my judgement in men. I'm currently enrolled in college and am in my second semester.
I'm not doing as well as i thought i would be. but once i give birth I'm hoping to go back with my head screwed on better and focused.

putting the bullshit behind me and focusing on my education and my kids will be a task, a hard task. we have ppl in this world who are placed in front of us as a test of strength. We have to know when to cut our loses and leave some ppl behind who are just dead weight to us.

For the single moms out there.... I'm not with my son's father not because he left me or because i left him, but because he is no longer living and it happened in a very violent manor.
i have been through the shelter system, through therapy, I've been at the very bottom, been at the very top, and I'm still here. i hope my stories will help anyone who is reading and feels lonely at times. and i want those to know its OK to feel lonely at times, but its not OK to surround yourself with phony ppl just so you can feel complete.

I've been through a lot as i said b4. and i dint mind sharing my story with everyone. but this is mostly For the single mom doing her thing to make it far for her kid(s).

With love, ViXeN